Design and ergonomics

Form and function

We believe the fundamental requirement for the market attractiveness of products for the office furniture industry lies in uniting functional and contemporary design.

We achieve the best possible results by involving in-house and external designers in the development process right from the start. This way, cooperation with the engineers in our development department generates a transfer of ideas that results time and again in outstanding and award-winning solutions for our customers.

Due to the ongoing coordination between the design development and production technology departments, we achieve the best possible use of our technology. Our aim is to make design and function a reality with outstanding value for money.

Design and ergonomics

People count

Our systems offer a high degree of flexibility thanks to the technology used.

A wide range of mechanisms and drives are used, which ensure the safe individual adjustment of workstations with a design focused on function.

When researching and developing people’s interfaces with their work equipment, we use the latest findings from occupational medicine and cooperate with the German Technical Inspection Association (TUEV) and the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO. The development process focuses on ease of assembly, functional design, custom solutions for specific requirements and user-friendliness.

OMT manufactures desks in accordance with international and country-specific standards and guidelines. Every desk meets the DIN EN 527 standard in terms of ergonomics.

Oelschläger Metalltechnik & Partners

OMT has reinterpreted the classic desk in cooperation with external design studios.