Personal customer service

A question of attitude

Whether a new development or product optimisation: our specialists from design, logistics and sales will develop tailored solutions according to your individual requirements.

OMT offers a high degree of flexibility.
Personal advice right from the start is one of OMT’s outstanding attributes. From preliminary discussions through production and right down to the finishing touches – OMT’s experts ensure first-class service in project handling.

Because we know that your success is also our success!


Constructive dialogue

With every new system development, the question arises as to the right product features for success in the segment of the market being aimed for.

The right criteria must be selected from the profile of requirements in terms of design, price and functionality. OMT offers extensive expert advice on the design of new product lines to help with this. To achieve this, OMT puts together teams of specialists with market experience to provide customer support. When finding the best solution, OMT offers the option of combining tried and tested system components with an individual design. This results in a coordinated appearance with distinct design elements.

In addition to this, OMT develops customised systems with absolutely unique selling points for the branded products of the office furniture industry. The results of our design and development department are testament to this. Once they are established on the market, our process line engineers ensure the quality standards of the systems throughout the entire product cycle. Adaptations to technical improvements and constructive local conflict management are therefore part of the service offered by OMT.

The choice is yours

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