A persuasive offer

The specialist engineers from our process lines look after current product lines in close coordination with customers.

As soon as it is possible to optimise a system, we make it directly available to our sales advisors following successful test runs. This way, our customers discover directly which innovations from our research and development department are available to optimise the products in current lines. This means that technical innovations find their way directly to the customer.

Continuous product care has allowed us to ensure OMT systems have an above-average length of presence on the office furniture market with a high level of value stability. This means we achieve a high level of security for our customers when investing in innovations for existing and new ranges in the office furniture industry.


Constructive dialogue

With every new system development, the question arises as to the right product characteristics for success in the segment of the market being aimed for. The right criteria must be selected from the profile of requirements in terms of design, price and functionality. OMT offers extensive expert advice on the design of new product lines to help with this.