Your Personal Fitness Coach at Work

Movement is a critical factor in maintaining health.

In contrast, sitting for long periods of time puts a strain on the back, shoulders and neck, which can lead to muscular imbalances.

An electrically height-adjustable desk or sit-stand table (SST) from OMT is able to take on the role of a fitness coach and to ensure the right dynamics in working life, when combined with the innovative LIVE.STAND app.

LIVE.STAND reminds the user to stand up regularly at work. Additional information, such as the predicted number of calories burned when standing compared to sitting, is handily displayed via charts and infographics. Daily goals can also be set individually to adopt healthier habits step by step.


Ergonomic Work

Heavy legs  are some of the symptoms of prolonged sitting for office workers with poor ergonomic environment. To reduce this, standing correctly and staying in motion is a prerequisite. Standing too long and/or rigidly as well as sitting motionless both have negative effects on our body, health and concentration.

Working in a standing position is only healthy and helpful if it is not prolonged and integrated into an active work routine, for instance by switching between dynamic sitting, flexible standing and walking motions, e. g. to pick up printed documents or take a stroll in the nearby park after lunch.

Physical Benefits

Standing in motion promotes the cardiovascular circulation and stimulates body muscles. It invigorates the blood circulation and consequently leads to easier motion in everyday life. Our body welcomes this dynamic work, by burning additional calories and by promoting muscle development.

Working upright furthermore benefits our mental capabilities, besides our physical ones. Positive effects can be observed in work behavior and efficiency.

The upright position allows deeper breathing, so that our lungs optimally fill with air. Improved O2 uptake leads to the ability to approach tasks more positively and to solve problems more quickly. Shifting the weight from one leg to the other has a supportive effect. An increase in cognitive ability and concentration is also observed when switching positions. Standing activates a more confident and competent voice, and improves communication when dealing with teamwork.


Healthy Workwith LIVE.STAND

The values here only provide a rule of thumbs to find a balanced relationship between sitting and standing activities.

They do not replace personal experience and the ideal individual work balance, which only emerges over time and practice. With the support of LIVE.STAND, a change in sitting behavior will be facilitated.

Regular notifications remind to switch positions, thus encouraging to build a healthy routine during the workday.

To sum up, regularly switching working positions from sitting to standing has the following benefits:

  • A continuous increase in physical performance
  • A general sense of well-being
  • An improved concentration and motivation in task and teamwork